TechEd 2013 Talks & Source Code

Last week I had the pleasure of attending TechEd 2013 to present a couple of sessions. Here are links to the session recordings, slides and source code.


Breakout Session: Entity Framework 6: Database Access Anywhere, Easily

This session covers the basics of EF6, open source, and a series of demos for the new EF6 features.




Channel 9 Live: Entity Framework 6

This was a short (30min) informal chat with Robert Green about EF6. We talk about new features and the move to open source.




Breakout Session: How to Build ASP.NET Web Applications Using Async

This session put me well outside of my comfort zone since ASP.NET is not my area of expertize. I tried to put together a talk that walked folks through the same learning curve I went through as I learnt the subject matter (in 75min rather than a couple of weeks).

I’m also fortunate to have access to a bunch of people who design and build ASP.NET and/or have presented on this topic before. Many thanks to Levi Broderick, Damian Edwards, Scott Hunter, & Glenn Condron for their help with previous content, reviewing my content and answering a bunch of questions I had. Thanks also to Brad Wilson and Steve Sanderson whose previously recorded sessions were a big help.